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My name is Dasha Roberts, I'm a makeup artist from Boulder, CO.

Ever since childhood when I first saw my mom put on her pretty pink lipstick from its shiny gold tube, I have been obsessed with beauty. By age 5, I had enough lipsticks to fit in a gallon-sized plastic bag, and I made my dad so overwhelmed with my red lip that he took them away and banned me from wearing makeup to school.

Unfortunately for him, that didn't last for very long!

Art has always been important to my family, which led me to pursue an art degree from the University of Colorado. I loved college, (who didn’t?!) but I knew that I needed my future creative career to be a bit more girly and social. So I embarked on my cosmetology journey, which brought me to the Aveda Institute.

As a licensed cosmetologist since 2015, I have enjoyed painting hundreds of faces every year and helping make people feel beautiful and confident. I believe that love is love is love, that black lives matter, and that everyone deserves to feel happy in their own skin! When I'm not glamming, you can find me watching The Bachelor with my husband, Jack and our cute orange cat, Biscuit.

Being part of someone's exciting day means everything to me and I would be honored to help make your special event memorable.

Let’s make beautiful art together!



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